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jerković Zubović

Born and bred in the vibrant heart of Zagreb back in '93, she's a maestro of design with a twist of wit. After conquering the IV. Language Gymnasium and tickling the ivories at the Zlatko Baloković Music School, she dove headfirst into the fashion frenzy at the Faculty of Textile Technology.

With a diploma in one hand and a fierce sense of style in the other, she emerged as a Master of Engineering in Textile and Fashion Design, specializing in costume design.

Her journey through Faculty was no snooze-fest – she received the Rector's Awards for her dazzling contributions to projects like turning "Cinderella" into a sartorial sensation and giving the Bauhaus a haute makeover in 2019.

But her flair for fashion doesn't stop at the lecture hall door. When she's not enlightening minds at Callegari, school of fashion, she's weaving her magic with Medley Teatar – because who says a musical can't be a fashion show too?

In a world of black and white, she's the technicolor dreamcoat you didn't know you needed. Welcome to the wild, witty world of Judy, where fashion meets fun, and every stitch tells a story worth a thousand laughs.

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